Wage laws you are entitled to as a New York employee

Employment law is meant to protect your employee rights. The employee rights you are entitled to include fair wage laws. These laws are regarded very highly in New York State, and lawyers work hard to protect them. Wage laws protect your employee rights to fair pay based on fair hours, as well as overtime pay. You know that it is a dream of most, but the cost of living is high if you’re a New York employee. Wage laws are meant to ensure that you will always be able to meet that cost of living.

Defining minimum wage

Wage laws define minimum wage. A national minimum wage was set by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Today, the minimum wage for working in New York State entitles you to $7.25 per hour. When you’re working at a minimum wage job, it is a violation of your employee rights to give you less than that, unless you qualify for a tip credit or you are working a commission job. If you qualify for a tip credit, wage laws give you a minimum wage of $2.13 an hour. According to wage laws, as a New York employee you get a tip credit if you bring home more than $30 in tips per month. If you are receiving commission pay, employment law requires you to get a contract outlining the terms of your employment.

Defining overtime laws

Wage laws also entitle you to overtime if you’re working in New York and you work over 40 hours a week. In the labor and employment world, overtime pay is 1.5 times your hourly rate. Employment law is designed to protect you and your employee rights. In the past, a New York employee has gotten sick from working too many hours and they would be taken away from their families, the very ones they were trying to support.

What to do if wage laws have been violated towards a New York employee

If you know that you are entitled to wage laws, but they have been violated, it is important to get help from a labor and employment lawyer. When it comes to employment law, a labor and employment lawyer is an expert. As a New York employee, you are entitled to have your employee rights upheld. Any violation of these employee rights is illegal. A labor and employment lawyer can guide you through the process of rectifying these violations.

Always make sure you get a labor and employment lawyer who can help you maintain your employee rights. Some labor lawyers will specialize in specific areas, but they will have an understanding of all laws, so make sure you get one who will be focused on wage laws. Making a claim for unpaid wages or wage violations is a simple procedure, but a lawyer can help you get your documents together and file the claim.

Hiring a labor and employment lawyer

If you are facing unpaid wages of any kind, you should consider hiring a labor and employment lawyer. As an expert towards wage laws and other New York employee rights, it’s important to consider an employment law practitioner as your number one champion. These lawyers want to see your employee rights upheld and maintained because they’ve watched them evolve to protect employees in a varying number of industries. Finding a lawyer you can trust to be on your site during your trial will make you feel much more confident and comfortable in the courtroom and towards the outcome.

Employee rights are designed to protect you from those higher in power.  The checks and balances of the workforce keeps the system running and without it, there would be chaos. A labor and employment lawyer will ensure your freedoms and protections; consult with one today to determine how to handle any violations you are facing.