Do you need to claim wages?

Throughout the history of the workplace, labor laws have developed and evolved to protect you and your basic employee rights. Wage laws are examples of these labor laws and they are designed to ensure you are paid fairly for the work you do. However, there may be circumstances in which you will have to claim wages you’re owed. Despite wage and labor laws, employers owing unpaid wages are a more common problem than some may think. If it’s necessary to claim wages, you can always count on a New York lawyer to help you navigate the legal process.

To know whether you are owed unpaid wages, it’s important that you keep track of the hours you’ve worked and the pay you’ve received. It’s up to you to recognize if you are being cheated and need to claim wages.

How to claim wages

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you are owed unpaid wages, it’s important that you have the documents to back up your case. For that reason, keep track of your time cards and pay checks. It’s necessary that you are able to support what you’re saying because it will be your word against the word of your employer. If, after you have confronted your employer, you are still owed unpaid wages, a wage lawyer will be the person to turn to for help. A New York lawyer can help you claim wages once you are sure you have a case.

If you claim wages, are you at risk?

Employees may fear retaliation, or the illegal attempt at retribution by an employer, if they try to claim unpaid wages against their employer. However, a wage lawyer will protect you from retaliation or any negative backlash. When you are filing a wage claim, or any other violations of employee rights, be sure to keep track of anything that can be construed as revenge. For example, retaliation for claiming unpaid wages can come in the form of poor performance reviews or harassment. You should document any incidents; if they come after your decision to legally claim wages from your employer, you may be a victim of retaliation as well as unpaid wages.

Why a New York lawyer?

Using a New York lawyer to help you claim wages gives you access to the brightest legal minds in the country. A wage lawyer has been through some of the toughest education programs and has had great experience, which has led them to focus in unpaid wages and helping employees claim wages from their employers. Despite focusing in unpaid wages, a New York lawyer understands all aspects of employment law, allowing them to practice in the field as a whole. Filing a wage claim can be very overwhelming, so having a wage lawyer at your side will make the process easier. A wage lawyer wants to see labor laws upheld and your employee rights protected, so he will do all he can to make filing a wage claim as simple as possible.